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Chantel Marie Linville

· February 17, 2017

McKenna Credit Repair helped get my credit score into the 700’s, my credit score went up 71 points the first month, John works hard to help you raise your score and give you good advice to keep it in good standing. I have and will continue to refer people to John and McKenna credit repair.

Deanna Spell

· March 5, 2017

We met with John to go through the process of reviewing our credit and if we needed credit repair. We found out we had some issues and were thrilled to see how easy and inexpensive the process was to correct them. They are great to work with!

Shannon Gates

· March 13, 2017

I started the process to get my credit in good standing and I am excited to see the coming raises to my score. John is easy to work with and he has great advise to get me on track!

Chris Dempsey

· March 12, 2017

He did a great job on mine I would recommend him to everyone to get their credit up.

Teri Walton

· April 12, 2017

Thank u John! First round my credit went up 119 points!! Pretty happy!!


Life is easy when you have good credit.  Buying a car or home is simple and your interest rates are good. You are defined by a number that tells the credit industry you are worthy of this great treatment.

Life with a poor credit score is not easy. You must pay higher interest rates and most of the time buying a car or home is out of your reach. Lenders see you as a higher risk because of your poor credit score. You will be charged higher interest rates because of this score and your risk of not paying the money back. Does this seem fair?  Fair is not in this situation. This is how credit works and can permanently ruin your life.

What if there were another way?  What if you could quickly and permanently improve your credit score? You can and we are here to help. We work with you and on your behalf to improve your credit score.

Can you benefit from our services? Can your credit score even be improved? Every person asks themselves these questions. Have you ever been denied a loan or any purchase due to a low credit score?  Now it the time to act – and we are the company that can help you. We treat each person as the individual they are. Every action plan is unique. We are not like other companies – We take real steps to improve your credit. It does not matter how bad you believe your credit is. We can assist you.

What is a bad credit score?

The average credit score is in between 600 and 750. Anything below a 700 can hurt your chances of any big purchase. This can include a car or a home. There are lenders who specialize in credit scores that range into the 500’s, but their rates are much higher than for those people who have a good credit score.

How can you know your exact score when there are three main reporting agencies? This can be difficult to determine. While most will tell you the scores are very similar between the three agencies, we have found that to not always be true. The score itself is important because it rates: your ability to pay your bills on time, how long you have been using credit, your sources of credit, and your total debt limit. All of that is calculated into a number that represents your credit risk to companies or agencies who extend credit.

 What causes a bad credit score?

Many things can harm your credit score. Being late on payments and bills will lower your score. This shows you as less reliable to companies that could extend you credit. There are other actions such as not paying your bill, allowing the bill to be charged off, accounts sent to collections, and declaring bankruptcy. These are all very damaging to your credit.

You may be unaware you are doing damage to your credit. Closing a credit card can sometimes reduce your score. If a card is removed from your history, it shortens your overall history and can change your debt ratio.Sometimes the most damaging items on your credit report are actual mistakes. These are not your fault and not as rare as you think. You may have never missed a payment or been late, but your credit may reflect a different story. Credit repair services are very important. After analyzing your situation, we can recommend actions for your credit to improve. We want you to have the best score possible.

Aggressive Credit Repair that improves scores

It is possible to change your poor credit score. Our aggressive alternative to credit repair starts with our staff and taking your history of where you are now. This allows us to determine where improvements can be made.

Once areas for improvement have been found we work with you to improve and repair your credit.

We want to help you improve your credit scores quickly. We work tirelessly to provide real credit repair and use ethical and legal methods. Call us today to begin enjoying the benefits of a high credit score.


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